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You’ll Dig Richmond’s Kronosaurus Korner!
Step back 100 million years and discover the Richmond Pliosaur and best preserved dinosaur, the Minmi at Kronosaurus Korner. After experiencing the centre, have ago at finding your own monster at one of our mapped fossicking sites then uncover its’ secrets as our resident curator takes you step by step through a fossil preparation workshop within the centre.
Today Richmond is the geographical centre of where the Cretaceous Inland Sea once was, and the fossils that are found prolifically around Richmond are the remains of animals that lived and died in the sea.
The catalyst for the building of Kronosaurus Korner was the discovery of the Richmond pliosaur on a property, Marathon Station, near Richmond in 1989. The 100 million-year old pliosaur was recognised by palaeontologists as the prime example of its type of vertebrae fossil in the world.
Don’t forget to experience Richmond’s other historical attractions such as “The Cambridge Store” which is the latest addition to the “Heritage Trail”. Experience the raw rustic life-style of original rural settlers as you wander through the replica of the Cambridge Down’s Homestead/Store/Post office and stables. Experience a taste of everyday life on the Cobb and Co trail in outback Queensland.
Schools are most welcome and bookings are essential to insure your school takes advantage of all educational aspects of Richmond.
Phone: 1300KRONOK
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