Bathurst Fossil Museum

Bathurst Fossil Museum


Address: 224 Howick St
Bathurst , NSW, 2795
Contact No: 02 6331 5511

Situated in the heart of Bathurst, the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum is the home of the internationally renowned Somerville Collection. It is housed in the 1876 Public School building which underwent major refurbishment before being fitted out with stunningly beautiful exhibitions

Close to 2000 fossil and mineral specimens are displayed in two main exhibitions - the MasterFoods Fossil Gallery and the Minerals Gallery.

The Museum also has a temporary exhibition space which has a changing program of travelling and temporary exhibitions and a museum shop with a wide variety of dinosaur, Earth history and science products.

The Somerville Collection is the lifetime work of Warren Somerville and features some of the finest and rarest examples of minerals and fossils in the world. The specimens currently on display in the Museum represent about one quarter of the total Collection.

Highlights from the mineral collection include crystals from over 100 Australian mine sites, the world's largest rhodonite gem crystals, 2,000 million years old garnets, rainbow-coloured fluorite's from China, as well as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other gems from around the world.

Features of the fossil collection include Australia's only complete T.rex skeleton, Australia's largest collection of fossils in amber, fossil dinosaur eggs, some of the oldest fossils of early forms of life, and a large collection of Australia's unique opalised fossils.

This internationally significant collection is a unique educational resource.

Ph: (02) 6331 5511
Fax: (02) 6331 5986

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