Blackwater International Coal Centre

Blackwater International Coal Centre

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Address: Capricorn Hwy
Blackwater , QLD, 4717
Contact No: 07 4982 7755

Come and explore this mighty industry with us…

The Blackwater International Coal Centre provides amazing perspectives to the coal mining industry as it showcases the Australian coal industry to the world. Incorporating over twenty separate exhibits, the BICC explores the past, present and future of the coal mining industry.

Learn how coal deposits were formed over millions of years. Allow yourself to step back in time as you watch the memories of Bowen Basin residents and early coal mining pioneers. Learn about the different methods of coal mining with the assistance of intricate 3D models. Watch the entire open-cut mining process from start to finish on a massive theatre screen, or take a ride in a dragline, coal hauler, tug boat or ship loader. Delve into the end uses of coal and try to imagine your life without the everyday things that coal provides. See things from a global perspective using the amazing interactive globe.

Explore the future of coal mining and clean coal technologies via interactive activities and presentations. Discover the science behind carbon capture and storage and the effort to reduce greenhouse gasses. See how we can create power using alternative energy sources.

BICC will coordinate your visit and can assist you to develop a program that aims to provide the best possible learning experience.

With worksheets and activities to suit your requirements, students can expect to spend approximately 1 to 2 hours exploring the showcase.Indepth information sessions are available and educational packs can be created to complement your program.

The Coal Centre also offers mine site tours in its own mine approved bus. With permission to visit either of the major mines in the area a close up view of the mining operation can be arranged.

The one-of-a-kind Blackwater International Coal Centre showcases the Australian coal industry and provides an interactive learning experience that your students will relish

“Showcasing the Australian Coal industry to the world”

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