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Southern Queensland Country Education Packages

The Southern Queensland Country region, a short 90 minute drive west of Brisbane, is home to a series of educational tours that encompass seasonal, regional produce; the heritage of the region;  nature and the environment; science and health. Where does food come from, and how do sustainable farming practices impact what you eat? How did locals live in the olden days and what heritage trades did they learn that aren’t as common today? What awe-inspiring natural attractions exist in the region? Southern Queensland Country has a wonderful and diverse range of products and attractions which can be incorporated into a practical and interactive education experience.
This brochure contains information on the produce which can be found within the Southern Queensland Country region, along with a list of tourism product and contacts which can assist in the educational experience for students.

Contact Information:

Phone: 07 4632 1988; 1800 688 949
Fax: 07 4632 4404

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