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34 Burke Street, Julia Creek Qld 4823

Contact No:07 4746 7690

‘At the Creek’

At the Creek’ is a multi-award winning Visitor Information and Interpretative Centre in Julia Creek.

‘At the Creek’ includes several audio visual display housed in historical fettlers cottages, visual and tactile communication tools aimed at a range of user groups to help you experience what it is like to live, work and play in the McKinlay Shire and Julia Creek.

‘Beneath the Creek’ stage 2 of ‘At the Creek’ is a world class tourist attraction to the North West. Continuing with the theme of Water, Country and People Stage 2 sees the Centre going underground to explore the significance of the geological and geographical features that have shaped the regions past and encourages visitors to think about the management of the land and its natural resources in a sustainable way.

Thecentre also features a nocturnal viewing area for the endangered Julia Creek Dunnart. Visitors can see the feisty character in action and audio links explain the background of the threatened species.

See the endangered, but feisty, Julia Creek Dunnart live in action!

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‘At the Creek’
34 Burke Street, Julia Creek Qld 4823
P: 07 4746 7690
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