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Min Min Encounter & Boulia Information Centre

In Boulia, the story goes, the light got its name from the old Min Min pub, about 100 kilometres from town, which burnt down around 1917. Some report seeing striking glows rise from the pub’s cemetery, though other stories tell of the lights appearing many decades before the pub was built, and Aboriginal folklore tells of the light originally emanating from an old Aboriginal burial ground, east of town.

Ssshhhh... It's late, it's dark, if you are very quiet, you can hear the embers of the fire crackling as you curl up in your swag. The crickets get louder, every so often you hear a rustling of leaves... What is it? What could it be? You lay back and your gaze is on the spectacular Southern sky, with a million stars sparkling at you, you look for shooting stars and other un-identified flying objects...

Then out of the corner of your eye, you see small bright lights appear and disappear as quickly as a flashing neon sign. The lights appear hovering in front of you, as you move your head to try and see the cause of the light, the light moves with you.

What happened? Where did they go? Are they real or did you just imagine it?

Min Min Encounter

Unravel the mystery of the Australian outback phenomenon of the Min Min lights with a visit to Boulia's Min Min Encounter.

The Min Min Encounter is a unique theatrical experience incorporating animatronics, fibre optics and loads of other high tech wizardry. The encounter is a tribute to the long honoured art of the bush yarn, all based around the famed Min Min Light phenomenon. At the Min Min encounter you will have an outback experience like no other.

In the 45 minute show you will be introduced to the story of the Min Min Light by various characters who claim to have taken on a journey through Min Min country to have your own Min Min experience complete with spine tingling effects and an unpredictable ending.
•    Information needed would be Visit the Min Min Encounter where a 45 minute experience awaits you with hi-tech animatronics and laser lights telling the Min Min Light legends.
Boulia has the Marine Reptile Fossil display featuring Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaursfrom a 100 Million years ago when the area was part  of  an inland sea.It is located  in the grounds of the Stonehouse Cottage in Pituri Street Boulia.There are many other Fossils as well as a tour guide to 'talk' you through the exhibit if required.

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