Caboolture Historical Village

Phone: (07) 5495 4581

Address: 280 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture QLD 4510

 School Activities Available

The Village plays host to schools from all over Queensland annually. A visit to the Village focuses on changes to our lifestyle, transport, communication since early settlement.

The Village is made up of 70 buildings, housing some 110,000 items and set on 12 acres. There is a Tearoom and Café on site for light refreshments.

We are happy to help with any further questions or concerns you may have.

School visits are conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays subject to demonstrator availability.


WASHING – We are now offering a free activity of washing the old fashioned way. The students are able to participate in washing items using an old washing copper and wringer. Each group can be about 24 in size and the demo will last for about 20 minutes.
BLACKSMITH – The Blacksmith will make every effort to be in the Village on days when schools are visiting. The students see how they use the fire, anvil, cold water to mould metal.
GEM SIEVING – The Gem Club situated in the Goods Shed runs an activity called “sieve-a-gem”. For $1.00 the students get a lucky dip and a go to “sieve-a-gem” using a big sieve and a drum full of sawdust and stones, much like panning for gold. No student walks away without a collection of pretty coloured gems. Bookings for this activity are essential. An invoice will be presented to the school from the Gem Club who is a separate entity.
DAIRY – the process of separating milk is explained by a Volunteer with working machinery. A working model also shows how to make butter. Come and see the big cow!
PRINT SHOP – using the various antique pieces still in operation today, students are able to make a bookmark using the equipment.
QUEENSLAND PRISON MUSEUM – Housed inside the police station the museum focuses on the history of the prison system in Queensland. Volunteers Mick and Steve are able to give presentations of all the items used.  Two historic timber lock-up cells are also located at the back of the police station.
TRANSPORT DISPLAY – The Queensland Department of Transport has installed a display titled, “Transport, Then and Now”, in our Railway Museum. This display is directly aimed at primary school children so please make the time to see it during your visit.
TRAIN – All students are offered a ride on the train which runs on a 500 metre track within the Village. This activity does not require booking.  Watch for some surprises on the ride.  (Dependent on volunteer availability.)
LEARNING RESOURCES – Each child can access a Workbook to take on their journey through the Village exhibits. They fill out the answers during the day to re-enforce the learning experience.
Teachers could use this for follow-up re-enforcement later in the classroom. These are available online or email request.

While the Historical Society and its Volunteers take all possible care, the students are the responsibility of the schools. They must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of other patrons at the Village. All persons must comply with our Workplace Health & Safety Policy. Copies are displayed at various points around the Village. Our Village is staffed by a wonderful group of Volunteers so some changes may occur on the day. All activities are subject to change without notice.

 Phone: 07 54954581


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