Camp Kokoda


Address: 629 Burnett Ck Rd, beside Lake Maroon

Contact No: Phone: 07 5541 2820
                        Fax:   07 5541 2830

Welcome to Camp Kokoda

Join us on a fun journey of self discovery.
Our adventure programs are targeted for all abilities and for ages 11 and up.
Our programs place participants in situations that help them understand themselves, their strengths/limitations and to gain confidence in their own ability.
We work directly with schools, businesses, special needs groups and individuals offering adventurous experiences that can be tailored to meet your needs, however all our programs result in greater team cohesion, confidence and trust.
Our Highly qualified administrators and outdoor instructors plan and co-ordinate the programs; tailoring them to suit your level and skills.
The group live self sufficiently during the program with the expert guidance of our instructors.
The groups learn survival skills and experience a new way of living and thinking, the fast convenient world is removed from the equation leaving a back to basics adventure that every participant thoroughly enjoys and benefits from both physically and mentally.
Based only 1.5 hours South of Brisbane near Rathdowney, we utilise numerous locations such as Noosa, Girraween, Moreton Island and the Scenic Rim.
Book now for a unique experience
All  camp kokoda  programs combine the following elements:
 Adventure activities
 Group challenges/initiatives
 Bush camping
Community living
Natural setting
 Safety focus

These elements combined create a unique platform for experiential learning (learning through doing).
Client Input
Development of your Outdoor Education Programs is achieved through consultation with you, tailoring the experience to meet your needs.






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