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Welcome to the Gulf Savannah Region.
Located in North Queensland’s Gulf Savannah, the Etheridge Shire allows the imagination to
become reality. Explore the ancient landscapes of an inland ocean, volcanic eruption,
Indigenous history, pioneering discovery, mining booms, and grazing influences. The
Etheridge Shire encompasses the vast and rich heritage of diverse cultures and the unique
geography of ancient Australia and provides valuable learning experiences for students of all
The Gulf Savannah offers your students the opportunity to explore the geology and natural process
formed over millions of years:
Etheridge Shire – Geo Exploring
•Day 1 Travel to Undara National Park, Undara Experience for “Wildlife at Sunset” tour with particular emphasis on the history of the Cardwell to Normanton Telegraph line.
•Day 2 Undara Experience, Lava Tubes Tour, Overnight Undara
•Day 3 Drive to Cobbold Gorge via Mt Surprise Gems, to Georgetown for lunch and visit Terrestrial Centre. Overnight Cobbold Village
•Day 4 Morning Cobbold Gorge Tour including Agate Fossicking and afternoon Station Tour. Overnight Cobbold Gorge.
•Day 5 Travel back home via Einsaleigh to visit Copperfield Gorge.

Travel along the Savannah Way, approx. 275 kilometres south west of Cairns and 420
kilometres northwest from Townsville to unearth the wonders and history of this mineral rich
Visit Undara Volcanic National Park to see one of the most recent and major eruptions
190,000 years ago, which produced 23 cubic kilometres of lava. This flow created a
geological phenomenon now known as the Undara Lava Tubes. Walk through the hollow
tubes left behind by the cooled lava crust and learn about the vegetation that has evolved
from the time of Gondwana. See the iconìc Australian wildlife and other truly wild creatures in
their natural environment. Enjoy a big sky sunset while your Savannah Guide unlocks the
secrets of this timeless land. Then, on dusk, be taken to the entrance of a lava tube for a
nature experience you’ll never forget! Thousands of tiny insect eating micro-bats emerge from
the darkness to find food, which attracts Pythons and Brown Tree Snakes that hang from the
trees and strike out at the bats to capture a meal. Learn the history of the Cardwell to
Normanton Telegraph line.
Students get to try some hands-on learning by fossicking for real gems and discover about
lapidary at the Gem Den in Mt Surprise. You might just stake a claim to your own fortune!
Learn the process and timeframe taken to create these jewels and how to identify them.
Georgetown is the heart of the Etheridge Goldfield’s which is renowned for its semi-precious
stones, including topaz, quartz, spinel, garnet, cairngorm aquamarine and sapphires. The
TerrEsterial Centre displays Ted Elliott’s collection of work, containing over 4500 mineral
specimens in a myriad of fascinating colours and shapes from the region and throughout the
Forsayth is steeped in the history of mining, farming and the Savannahlander train. The
Goldfield’s Hotel houses an inspiring display of some of the best Agate’s found in the area.
Cobbold Gorge is a breathtaking natural wonder tucked away within the rugged sandstone
formations. Journey into the gorge by electric boat as it closes to an extreme narrowness of
two metres wide in places with spectacular 30 metre cliffs on either side, and with a healthy
population of Johnstone River freshwater crocodiles. Cobbold Gorge is located on Robin
Hood Station, a 1284 sq. km cattle grazing property where you learn about life on a working
cattle station. Cobbold Village offers students both cabin and camping accommodation
options in an awe-inspiring location.
•Visit Einsaleigh which was once a copper mining town, set among some unusual scenery
with flat top hills, or mesas, that rise out of the grasslands. Located here is Copperfield Gorge
with sheer walls dropping into the sandy river bottom and here the river has cut through a
lava fissure giving the students another aspect of the lava flow.
The Etheridge Shire provides an exciting, educational, safe, outback, and geo-mind-blowing
experience to students from all ages within easy access of the Queensland Coast. Tours and
educational resources are interpreted by trained Savannah Guides at each location.
Own Tent         Tented camp
Adult $240.00         $297.00
Child $175.00         $233.00
Terms and Conditions available on enquiry or at time of booking.


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