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Central Australia Experience

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Address: 60 Gregory Tce
Alice Springs, NT, 0870
Contact No:  1 800 645 199

Central Australia lies not only in the heart of Australia; it lies in the hearts of Australians. This region holds not only one of the most culturally significant icons of Aboriginal and Australian culture, Uluru/Ayers Rock; it holds onto the true Outback spirit that made this country great. Whether you're a born-and-bred Australian or visitor from abroad, touring The Centre gives you an appreciation of the vast and unspoiled wonders of Australia's interior.

Nature overwhelms you in The Centre. The skyscrapers are made out of rock, not steel, and one of the best shows in town is the million-star display at night. The large population of unique animals, birds and reptiles proves that this arid climate is more than hospitable. Wallabies, dingoes, emus, tiny geckos and huge eagles are just some of the long-established locals you'll see around The Centre, as well as camels, well-adjusted immigrants to the region.

The town of Alice Springs is the product of another breed of the region's immigrants: the 19th century pioneers who opened up this country's interior. Since their arrival, Alice Springs has evolved into a modern Outback town, with all the creature comforts of a capital city. It is the hub of Central Australia, making it the perfect base for your explorations of the region, as it did for the first explorers, from Uluru in the southwest to Tennant Creek in the north.

The Aboriginal presence here is strong, their cultural and spiritual connection to this region echoes in every rock and landmark. You'll have numerous opportunities to learn about and understand Aboriginal culture when you visit The Centre.

To do the region justice, you'll need at least seven to ten days in Central Australia. Even if you can only spare three or four days to see the highlights you'll have a fantastic time, but it will leave you wanting to come back to -- The Heart. The Soul. The Centre.

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