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Blackall is a key stopping point as you travel along the Matilda Highway, a scenic route that encompasses so much of our Outback Heritage.

Seeped in history Blackall can trace its origins back to 1846 when Major Thomas Mitchell travelled through what is now the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council area and saw potential for the pastoral industry in Australia. The Mitchell district as it was known then was declared open for pastoral occupation on 1 October 1861, with the settlement of Blackall first being established in 1864.

By the 1950’s Australia ‘rode on the sheep’s back’ and those who grew the wool came to symbolise and epitomise what it was to be Australian. Now you can follow in the sheep’s hoof prints and relive the history of the wool industry in this area. A large size Merino statue, standing in front of the old ‘Navena’ Homestead at Ram Park, signifies the importance of wool industry in the region, while a bullock dray brings to life images of another era.

Blackall was put on the map on October 10, 1892 when local legend Jack Howe set a world record by shearing 321 sheep in 7 hours and 40 minutes at ‘Alice Downs’ station, a blade shearing record that has never been broken. In that same year Jack Howe set a machine shearing record at ‘Barcaldine Downs’ station of 237 sheep in an eight hour day. It took 58 years before the machine shearing record was broken. See memorabilia relating to Jack Howe at the Universal Garden Centre and Gallery.

The historic Blackall Woolscour was established in 1908 and operational until 1978, and is the only steam-driven woolscour remaining intact of the 52 which once operated across the country. The Blackall Woolscour has been fully restored so visitors can see and hear genuine early 20th century steam driven machinery in all its glory ! With colourful local characters explaining each stage of wool processing, along with a liberal sprinkle of 'yarns' ,this trip down history lane is not to be missed!

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